Indian cashew is known World-wide for its excellent quality. The Indian cashew industry has not only mastered the art of Raw Cashew Nut (RCN) processing for kernels but also has developed various by-products from the cashewnut. Various state Governments have initiated steps towards increasing area under cultivation and productivity of cashewnuts. The industry earns sizeable export revenue through export of cashew kernels. While the development in India has been commendable, the global competitive environment has changed significantly. New competition in the export market, development of sustainable source for supply of RCN, developing new markets, managing margins in volatile market environment and catering to the demands of the domestic markets have posed new challenges to this industry.

Foretell Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd is proud to launch which is a unique effort to bring together all stakeholders of the cashew industry – the producer of raw nuts, the processors and the kernel buyers, by-product users, suppliers of technology, logistics, quality systems firms, supplier of capital, governmental agencies and the retail consumers.

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