While the development of cashew industry in India has been commendable, the global competitive environment has changed significantly. New competition in the export market, development of sustainable source for supply of RCN, developing new markets, managing margins in volatile market environment and catering to the demands of the domestic markets have posed new challenges to this industry. There is a need for developing a holistic long-term approach starting from availability of RCNs till innovative new products to cater to the needs of the customers in India and abroad. The Convention aims at facilitating discussions on industry perspective in India and abroad, developing competitive sourcing, exploring new product and market opportunities and devising new options for securing a sustainable operating margin in processing for the Indian Cashew industry.

Objective of the Convention:

  • Closer interaction with the suppliers of RCN and kernel buyers.
  • Increase synergy and interaction among domestic buyers and sellers.
  • Knowledge and information dissemination among cashew community.
  • Platform for networking and exploring new business oppurtunities.

Who can participate:

  • Domestic - buyers of RCN, processors, kernel exporters, domestic institutional buyers of kernel, brokers, traders, development boards and associations, etc.
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